Sons of the Gaels

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The Traditional Music of Ireland and Scotland

 We also perform at numerous Civil War and period reenactments all summer as the :       



The Sons of the Gaels are a Western New York based Celtic band.  The core of the band have been on the Celtic scene for over 13 years.  They have performed in such venues as the Buffalo Irish Festival, Olcott Celtic Festival, Amherst Scottish Festival, Riviera Theatre, Shannon Pub, Buffalo Irish Center, Lancaster Opera House, Kitty Hoynes and Coleman Irish Pub in Syracuse and Milestones in Rochester among many, many others.
The Sons of the Gaels are an extremely versatile group.  They are equally adept singing the traditional ballads of the Clancys and the pub favorites and revel tunes, as well as a large assortment of traditional jigs, reels, polkas and waltzes and standard Irish-American tunes.  However, the Sons of the Gaels also plays the newer Celtic music of Great Big Sea, Gaelic Storm and more...
Along with the versatile musical instrumentation, where the Sons of the Gaels really shines is in it's powerful three part vocal harmonies.  From the sweet Scottish ballads and Irish love songs to the foot stomping tempos of the pub tunes...the Sons of the Gels delivers a pleasing punch.


The diverse assortment of musical instruments makes the Sons of the Gaels unique.  These include:  Vocals, fiddle, the long necked banjo, fiddle,hammered dulcimer, whistles, flutes, concertina, button box accordion, guitar, bass, harmonica and more!


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